Borders Deck Care, Inc.

For over 6 years, our company has been giving superior service to the Front Range area of Colorado. Borders Deck Care was started in the 1990's by owner at his own home. He realized that to keep his deck looking great, it was going to be an on-going process of cleaning and staining each year. After researching the best process and attending a week long class on wood restortation, he started Borders Deck Care knowing that other homeowner's would benefit from what he had learned about his own deck problems.

Specializing in deck restoration, Borders Deck Care has focused on bringing back the beauty of existing decks by taking off the old finish and applying (by hand) a new finish, removing damaged decking and replacing it with new wood or composite decking, replacing railings and repairing other structural problems.

One of the key services Borders Deck Care also offers is continued finish maintenance by re-applying the same finish yearly (or as needed) for a reduced price.

For a deck estimate at your home in the Colorado Springs area, please call 719-578-8900 OR
303-688-0115 in the Denver Metro area.

Cleaning and Staining Process

Preventative Maintenance

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