Cleaning and Staining/Sealing

Our first step in re-newing your deck is to remove all the unhealthy stain that has oxidized. Much of the stain on a sunny deck can fade significantly in the first year or two. We apply a bio-degradeable chemical that strips off the old stain as well as the gray in wood caused from Ultra-violet rays from the sun.

The chemical is gently washed off the deck leaving the wood prepared for the stain. A drying period of a day or two is required to get the moisture content down after washing.

After the deck drys, any sanding that is necessary, such as the wood on the top of the rails or rough spots on the deck surface, is done. Also, any repairs, such as replacing bad deck boards, broken spindles or fixing strucural parts is completed.

Prepared Deck

All deck staining is done by hand in order to control the amount and where the stain goes. Two coats are applied to all horizontal surfaces and a single coat to vertical surfaces. Typically, the horizontal areas get the most traffic.