Maintenance of Exterior wood

There isn't a stain or sealer that will solve your deck maintenance problems. There isn't a product you can apply that will eliminate the need to maintain any exterior wood. Some last longer than others but when they go bad (they all do eventually) the "last longer" stains are very hard to prepare for the next application.

We recommend applying another coating of the same deck finish at least yearly. We strongly recommend using only oil-based stains/sealers. Remember, the person who is selling you the product at the store is not the person who will come out to your home when the deck needs another coat or when it needs to be refurbished.

Fences don't need the yearly maintenance that decks and other horizontal, wood construction does. Fences are vertical and shed the weather. Therefore, fences can be re-stained every 2 to 5 years.

Animal scratches on your deck surface tend to blend into the deck finish when it is re-stained. If they are heavy scratches and you don't want to see any, the old stain/sealer must be removed, then the wood sanded and a new coating applied.

Heavy wear areas of the deck surface that show the color being worn off will still show as a lighter area after a re-staining. The lighter colored areas will still be lighter than areas under tables and the perimeter of the deck. Maintenance staining will not make it completely even-looking each year. In order to get the deck looking like the original finish, the old stain will have to be removed from the surface and re-applied like the first year.

Maintenance staining yearly helps reduce the rate of cracking and splintering. It helps keep the wood looking healthy and something you are proud to have friends and relatives entertained on. It is much cheaper to do a maintenance application of the same stain rather than to put your deck through the entire process of stripping and sealing each year or two.